A nomadic research about amplified Ideating

#Reciprocality from Zurich is a nomadic In-Residence research program travelling around the globe. The program explores the process between the stages Define and Ideate of the Design Thinking Process. To build and shape IdeaSlams with paradox, reverse and didactic methods to investigate related amplification for the actual Ideating.

This collaborative knowledge gain is driven by experiments based on the model of a digitally organized Community of Practice; where people share and strengthen the generated experience and tacit knowledge in an ongoing and deepening interactivity.

Experiments will be performed at Universities or similar Institutions worldwide.
Apply as a Research Dock to do an experiment
Program Lead: Maurice Codourey ZRH
Program Associate: Maria Kromlidou SKG
Program Home: West Pomeranian University of Technology Szczecin ZUT, Faculty of Economics (SZZ)